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From 281 to today, centuries of history contemplate you.

The oldest documents make of Chassagne-Montrachet an old Gallo-Roman village, registered in the cartulary of the abbey of Saint-Seine in 886, under the name of Cassaneas or Cassania. Its origin could come from the following etymology: Cassaneas or Cassania.

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The vineyard is located between 220 and 340 meters altitude on clay-limestone soils. Most of the hillside vines are based on Jurassic lands (-201 million to -145 million years old). Descending towards the plain, the soils are more recent, dating from the Quaternary (2 million years ago) and come from the erosion of the upper layers.

The Chassagne vineyard dates back to the years 280 AD.

Historically, the vineyards of Chassagne were mainly planted with Pinot Noir; the Grands Crus and some other plots were white (Chardonnay grape). In 1935, the INAO was created and set itself the task of defining appellations in order to ensure their quality and enhance them. It was also at this time that the Grands Crus of the Montrachet hill were delimited.

The wine was then mainly sold to the merchants. It was especially from the 1960s that bottling at the property developed. Since the 1990s, the village has seen its proportion of vines planted with Pinot noir decrease in favor of vines planted with Chardonnay.
Today, the village is world famous and renowned for its white wines, particularly thanks to the Grands Crus of Montrachet. Three great appellations are present in the village of Chassagne.

But let’s not forget that Chassagne also remains a great red wine terroir!

The quarries of Chassagne-Montrachet have existed for several centuries, and were mainly exploited after the war of 1914. Many buildings were built with this stone, including the town hall of the village in 1891, the Chateau de la Maltroye, the wash house of the village , or monuments like the Palais d’Orsay, and the Louvre hall under the great pyramid, and many others …

50 terroirs spread over the appellation.

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In Chassagne Montrachet, around thirty producers make flourish a thousand-year-old terroir.

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